The Harrisons

Spring into Summer 2

Spring into Summer Exhibition - The Harrisons

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Photographs on this page © 2005 Rob Jewell

Nic Harrison

Making a jug - click to enlarge Stoneware Vase - click to enlarge Stoneware Bottle Vase - click to enlarge

Left: Nic Harrison making a Jug on the Wheel
Centre: Stoneware Vase Tenmoku Glaze 200 mm diam
Right: Bottle Vase Stoneware Iron and Copper decoration 170 mm high

Jackie Harrison

Rug - click to enlarge Tapestry - click to enlarge

Left: Rug
Right: Framed Tapestry

Lisa Harrison

Three Pendants - click to enlarge Stack of Rings - click to enlarge

Left: Three Pendants
Right: Stack of Rings